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Textile Enzymes Bio Scouring

Clean Up Enzyme

Americos Ptex SL (Enzyme for brightness & clean-up)
Introduction :
Americos Ptex SL is an oxidatively stable proteolytic enzyme ideal for brightness and clean-up and cellulase inactivation after stonewashing of denim or bio-finishing of cellulosic goods. This enzyme cannot be used with normal bio-polishing and fading enzyme.

Advantages :
  • Increase brightness
  • Improves clean-up
  • Enhance the contrast of abraded denim after cellulase treatment
  • It works on low temperature
  • Easy to use
  • Americos Ptex SL oxidatively stable and may be used with products containing such as hydrogen peroxide or sodium perborate.


Activity20000 U/kg minimum
AppearanceOff- white
Size80 - 100 mesh

Treatment Conditions:
Process ParameterOperational Range
pH7 - 10
Dosage0.01 - 0.10% (owg)
Time5 - 20 minutes

Americos Ptex SL reduces backstaining caused by cellulase treatment of denim. It enhances the interaction of residual cellulase which is bound to the fabric and is present in the wash liquor retained by the fabric after treatment.

Technical Service:
Information covering specific application of this product is available. Americos Industries will work with customers to enhance processes and solve problems. Let us know what you need and we will assist you

(The information and data contained herein are based on controlled lab work. The recommendations are given on experience basis, but cannot be extended to assure every possible case. It should be verified and evaluated by the user through proper testing for the intended conditions of application. Americos does not express or imply any warranty, or guarantee the suitability of the product for the application intended by buyer of the product).

Bio Scouring Enzyme

Americos Bio-Scoured XL
Introduction :
Americos Bio-Scoured XL is a blend of pectinase and cellulase enzyme. It is used in bio-scouring process. It breaks down the pectin in the cotton and thus assists the removal of waxes, oils and other impurities. It is environmental friendly and gentle to fabric processing. It also saves water and energy.

The traditional strong alkaline process is a harsh treatment; it reduces fabric weight by 6 - 8%. Americos Bio-scoured XL makes it possible to scour effectively without affecting the fabric and the environment. Unlike traditional scouring Americos Bio-Scouring methods give fabric a soft start and gentle preparation for the subsequent stages of textile wet-processing.

Advantages :
  • Softer fabric
  • Reduced water consumption
  • Reduced energy consumption
  • Mild application conditions

Properties :

AppearanceViscous liquid
Chemical characterMixture of Pectinase and cellulase enzyme
SolubilityReadily soluble in water
pH (1% solution)7 ± 1
Application pH range7.5 - 9
Application temperature range55° - 60°C

Stability :
Hard waterGood, Ca2+ and Mg2+ ions increase the efficacy of enzyme
AlkaliesStable in alkaline region from pH 7 to 9
Metal ionsIron and copper ions are poisonous for enzymes

Compatibility :
Non-ionic surfactantGenerally very good
Anionic surfactantSelective, some reduce the efficacy of the enzyme
Solvent based surfactantSelective, some reduce the efficacy of the enzyme
Organic sequestrantGenerally good
Reducing / oxidizing agentReduce the efficacy of enzyme

Application Methods :
Americos Bio-Scoured XL can be applied by exhaust method.

Exhaust Application:(Jigger, Soft-flow m/c, Winch)
Americos Bio-Scoured XL2 - 3 ml/l
Americos Anti-Crease Pro-76 A0.5 - 1 g/l
Temperature55° - 60°C
Time60 min

Add 2-3 g/l of Americos Extracta XL (emulsifying cum wetting agent), raise the temperature to 80°-85°C and run the machine for 30 minutes. Drain the above at high temperature. Give one hot wash and one cold wash.

Storage & Handling Precautions :

  • Store in cool place.
  • Avoid storing in direct sunlight.
  • The shelf life of Americos Bio-Scoured XL is one year if stored properly.
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