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Stone Wash

Stone Wash

Stone Wash
Americos Granofil is a Perlite which is introduced by Americos in two categories, one in powder and second in crystal foam. It gives a denim garment a casual look and uniform abrasion on garment without loss in fabric strength. It can be used for wide range of cellulosic fabrics such as cotton, viscose, and tencel.

Though Americos granofil stone wash has various applications but its introduction in garment processing has revolutionized the finishing of cellulosic and blended textile materials. This has been done by the modification of its physical form and making it suitable for garment processing industry. Americos granofil stone wash can be used on wide range of cellulosics as well as blended fabrics such as cotton, rayon, tencel etc. Americos granofil stone wash when applied on garments gives a gentle abrasion without disturbing the typical fabric properties viz., strength, colour and tone. The abrasion results in mild peach finish and removes extra gloss from the fabric to give it a casual look.

Moreover being a light weight material it does not damages the equipment as well as the garments, that is generally the problem in case of pumice stone application. It also has an excellent compatibility with acid cellulase as well as neutral cellulase enzymes as it is recommended to be used with the latter. Since it is not affected by the pH of the bath it could be used in any medium viz. acid, neutral and alkaline. It saves the enzyme dosages and the processing time that further results in saving of various resources like electricity, man power etc.

Americos Granofil is currently available in three variants namely Americos Granofil 1.5G and Americos Granofil 2.4D. Where sold by Americos Granofil 1.5G is developed for light weight garments that weight maximum of 8 oz and Americos Granofil 2.4D for heavy garments that weight 8 oz and above. Americos Granofil 3.8F for powder grade and it works for abrasion on light/heavy garment.

Typical Dosage Table
S. No.Fabric TypeDosage (Gm/Kg of Garment)
1Denim 03.0 OZ - 06.5 OZ080 - 110
2Denim 07.0 OZ - 12.5 OZ100 - 120
3Denim 13.0 OZ & above125 - 150
4Cottons 03.0 OZ - 06.5 OZ070 - 080
5Cottons 07.0 OZ - 12.5 OZ075 - 090
6Cottons 13.0 OZ & above100 - 125

Application Procedure

Americos Granofil is to be added into the bath prior to any other chemicals including enzymes. The liquor ratio can be maintained as per the requirement of other chemicals. The machine should be run for a couple of minutes to ensure proper dispersion of Americos Granofil among the garments. The other chemicals can be then added including the enzymes. Process timings can be adjusted between 50 to 100 minutes depending upon the desired results. And temperature can also be maintained as required by enzymes in specific.

Note: Fine mesh net could be inserted in the machine outlets so that Americos Granofil can be re collected again and also to avoid blockage of drainage lines.

Neutral Cellulose Powder and Liquid Enzyme

Product Introduction:
Americos K255 is a concentrated powder cellulase enzyme which can effectively be used for bio-polishing and denim abrasion of cellulase composed garments. It is a cellulose enzyme preparation produced using genetically modified strain of Trichoderma reesei. The enzyme is designed to be efficient in treating of cellulosic material and is especially suitable for the finishing processes of all types of cellulosic fabrics.

Product Application:
The product is applied in a novel enzymatic finishing process, for cellulose based fabrics, which is known as “Bio-Polishing” as well as creating denim abrasion also known as stone washing effect.

Application Parameters:
pH 5.5-7.0
Temp 40°C-65°C
Dosage 0.01%-0.07%

Final conditions will vary according to fabric type, conditions, as well as customer style preference. 

Dosage Recommendations: 
It is recommended that optimal dosage be defined by experimenting to obtain the desired effects. Customer’s desired affects varies by company so our listed dosage should be used as reference only.
Non Ionic wetting agents, non-ionic surfactants, dispersants, buffering salts, and pumice stone is compatible with Americos K255, but positive testing is recommended prior to all formulations and applications. Contact of Americos K255 with ferric ions should be avoided. 

Inactivation must be carried out after treatment. Either alkaline rinse by raising pH to > 10 for 10 minutes or the use of bleaching agents will terminate the enzyme reaction.
Storage & Handling Precautions:
  • Store in cool place and avoid storing in direct sunlight
  • The shelf life of Americos K255 is one years under recommended storage
  • The usual precautions in keeping chemicals away from eyes and skin should be observed
Technical Service :
Information covering specific application of this product is available. Americos Industries will work with customers to enhance processes and solve problems. Let us know what you need and we will assist you.

Leather Finish for Textiles / Garments

Americos Leather Soft 750
Americos Leather Soft 750 is a blend of silicone softener and polymer resins. It gives a bulky, soft hand and non-yellowing leather like effect. It also provides UV protection against harmful UV-B rays from the sunlight. It increases the tear strength significantly and improves crease recovery property.

The Features of Americos Leather Soft 750 are:
  • It gives a bulky, soft hand and non-yellowing leather like effect
  • It is compatible with silicone and cationic products used in finishing formulation
  • It has no influence on dyeing fastness
  • It does not restrain the typical fabric properties and thus, it can be used on knitted fabrics as well
  • Increases the tear strength of the fabric substantially
  • Highly effective, even if used individually
  • It can be effectively used on dyed garments
  • Provides excellent surface smoothness
General Properties :
Appearance Milky white paste
Composition Blend of silicone and polymer resin
Ionicity Non-ionic
pH (1% solution) 7 ± 1
Solubility Miscible in water in any proportion
Application pH range 5-8

Stability in :
Hard water Good
Acids Good
Alkalies Not Good

Compatibility with :
Non-ionic surfactant Good
Anionic surfactant Good
Silicone softener Good

Application Methods :
Americos Leather Soft 750 can be applied by exhaust as well as padding method:

(1) Exhaust application (Package m/c, Soft-flow m/c, Winch, wash wheel)
Americos Leather Soft 750 : 0.5-2% (on weight of fabric/garment)
Temperature : 45-50°C
pH : 5-7
Time : 20-30 min.

(2) Padding Application
Americos Leather Soft 750 : 10-30 gm/ltr.
pH : 5-7

Impregnate fabric at 70-80% pick -up, dry at 120-140oC for 2-3 min.

Storage & handling precautions :
  • Store in a cool/dry place.
  • Avoid storing in direct sunlight.
  • It should be stored at ambient temperatures (30 C)
  • The shelf life of Americos Leather Soft 750 is one year.
  • The usual storage, handling, usage and safety precautions should be observed.

Nonionic Fabric Softener

Americos Neutrasoft NCM is a cationic softener which is not diluted from the flakes or cake but formulated to achieve limpy and elastomeric finish. It can be used for cotton, polyester/cotton fabrics. It has a very good hand feeling and anti-static properties. Because of its low-yellowing specific character, it is very suitable for garment processing of blue and white jeans.

Advantages : 
  • It is pump able, pourable, low viscosity softener in emulsion form
  • Can be applied in both exhaust and padding processes
  • It is compatible with silicone and cationic products used in finishing formulation
  • It has no influence on dyeing fastness.
  • Does not yellow when treated fibers are heated
  • Does not influence dye fastness
  • Does not irritate human skin.
  • Suitable for cheese dyeing process.
  • Keep fabric low- yellowing,
  • Provides bulky and heavy feel
  • Neutral pH

Properties :
Appearance White paste
Composition Ethylene oxide condense product
Ionicity Cationic
pH (1% solution) 7 ± 1
Solubility Soluble in water in any proportion
pH 5 - 8

Stability :
Hard water Good
Acids Good
Alkalies Good

Compatibility :
Non-ionic surfactant Good
Anionic surfactant Good
Silicone softener Good
Optical brightener Good

Application Methods : 
Americos Neutrasoft NCM can be applied by exhaust as well as padding method: 

1) Exhaust application : 
(Package m/c, Soft-flow m/c, Winch): 

(A) Post softening of yarn especially in the final rinse of yarn dyeing m/c:
Americos Neutrasoft NCM 0.5 - 2% (owy)
M:L ratio 1:10
Temperature 45° - 50°C
pH 5 - 8
Time 20 - 30 min

(B)Application on knitted
Americos Neutrasoft NCM 1 - 2% (owf)
M:L R 1 : 10
Temperature 45 - 50°C
pH 5 - 8
Time 20-30 min.

(C) Softening of garment (Wash-wheel):
Americos Neutrasoft NCM 0.5 - 2% (owg)
Temperature 45 - 50°C
pH 4 - 8
Time 20 - 30 min

(2) Padding application :
Americos Neutrasoft NCM 20 - 30 g/l
Americos Silsoft 1140 10 - 20 g/l
pH 4 - 5

Impregnate fabric at 70-80% pick-up, dry at 120° - 140°C for 2-3 min.

Storage & handling precautions:
  • Store in cool place
  • Avoid storing in direct sunlight.
  • It should be stored at ambient temperatures.
  • The shelf life of Americos Neutrasoft NCM is one year.
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