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Oil And Water Repellent Finish

Oil And Water Repellent

Rs 850 / Litre

Oil And Water Repellent
  • Application Surface: Textile
  • Brand: Americos
  • Packaging Size: 25kg
  • State Of Matter: Powdered, Liquid
  • Packaging Type: Drum
  • Minimum Order Quantity: 25 Litre
  • Application Surface: Textile
  • Brand: Americos
  • Packaging Size: 25kg
  • State Of Matter: Powdered, Liquid
  • Packaging Type: Drum
  • Delivery Time: Immediate
  • Delivery Time: Immediate
  • Packaging Details: HDPE Drum
Oil and Water repellent. Introduction :
Americos Olifulant-O-W-992 is resistant to water- and oil- borne stains which are highly desirable features for many textile uses including outerwear, home furnishings and industrial fabrics. The excellent water repellency and high degree of oil repellency provided by Americos water repellent finish, oil repellent finish is durable to washing and dry-cleaning.

Special Features:
  • Compatible with most commonly used extenders and resins
  • Dilutes readily with water to form a stable bath
  • Effective at very low add-on levels
  • Provides a high level of water repellency and stain resistance
  • Cures under normal resin conditions
  • Does not contain flammable solvents
General Properties :
AppearanceOpaque liquid
TypeFluorochemical emulsion
Viscosity (25°C)50 cps
Density (25°C)8.8 lbs/gal
Ionic natureCationic
SolubilityMiscible in water

Water and Oil Repellent Finish for Textiles:
Fabric preparation:
For maximum water repellency, fabrics should be free of all sizing agents, wetting agents, alkali and other additives, which may have a tendency to interfere with repellent properties. Fabrics should be well prepared and left slightly acidic for best results.

Silicone defoaming agents reduce oil resistance and their use should be avoided in all preparation stages, including sizing of the warp. Silicone water repellents are also very detrimental. The presence of these materials even in minute amounts makes it practically impossible to obtain a satisfactory oil rating.

Bath make-up :
Americos Olifulant-O-W-992 is an aqueous emulsion that is readily dispersible in water. It is compatible with many resins, catalysts, hand-builders and other finishing products. The order and manner of addition of these products could affect bath stability. Americos Olifulant-O-W-992 emulsion should be the last add to the bath and should be pre-dispersed with an equal quantity of water. It is recommended that bath temperature be in the range of 80°-100°F. Excessive high-speed mixing of the bath should be avoided.

Processing conditions:
Pad the fabric with Americos Olifulant-O-W-992 using a two or three bowl padding mangle. Cloth that enters the bath should be at room temperature to prevent warming the pad bath. Placing a cooling fan in front of the padding mangle may help this.

Pre-drying: For best results, the impregnated fabric should be pre-dried nearly to 30-40% moisture content before entering the drying chamber and this would increase the process speed. Infrared pre-driers are preferred, but roller type pre-driers or Teflon coated cans may also be used.
Drying :
For fabrics that require heat setting, temperature inside drying chamber may be kept at 365° to 400°F.

Curing: Sixty seconds at 340°F is a typical curing method, however, the optimum time and temperature may vary with fabric type and its blend, GSM and oven characteristics.
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