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 Introduction :
Americos Dispersol DX is anionic dye dispersing agent. It prevents dyestuff agglomeration and prevents precipitation in dye bath.

The Features of Americos Dispersol DX are :
  • Dispersing agent for use in the dyeing of polyester
  • Dyeing polyester/wool blends with diwsperse and acid or 1:2 metal-complex dyes or corresponding dyestuff blends
  • Dispersing agent in dyeing with vat dyes
  • Dyeing of triacetate fibers with disperse dyes
  • Low foaming
  • Stable at HT and shows no retardant influence on dyestuff
Properties :
AppearanceBrown liquid
Ionic natureAnionic
Density (20 °C)1.2 g/cm3
pH (10 % solution) water5.5 - 7.5
Dissolving / dilutionEasily diluted with water
Stability to acid, alkalis, salt and hard waterGood

Dyeing of polyester and triacetate fibers with disperse dyes
Americos Dispersol DX is a dispersing agent used to disperse dyes in the preparation bath before dyeing and to maintain the stability of the dispersion during dyeing. The amounts required are 2 g/l Americos Dispersol DX in the preparation bath and 0.5-2 g/l in dye baths, depending on depth of shade and liquor ratio.

Application Method :
  1. Preparation of the dye bath liquor. Sprinkle disperse dyes into 10-15 parts soft water (30° - 40 °C) containing dissolved Americos Dispersol DX and stir continuously. Dilute further with water. This liquor is then added to the dye bath.
  2. Application in the dye bath to maintain the stability of the dispersion during dyeing, add 0.5-2 g/l pre-dissolved Americos Dispersol DX, depending on depth of shade and liquor ratio, to the warmed dye bath. Then add the normal amounts of carrier required for dyeing at the boil or leveling agents required for HT dyeing. Add thoroughly dispersed dye as usual.
Dyeing cellulosic fibers with vat dyes
When dispersing large quantities of dyes, it is advisable to add 1.5-3 g/l Americos Dispersol DX. When working with vat dyes, Americos Dispersol DX improves the levelness of pigmentation, especially on circulating liquor units. For the exhaust, pigmentation and half-pigmentation processes, add 1.5 - 3 % Americos Dispersol DX

Dyeing polyester/wool blends
Americos Dispersol DX is required to ensure that the dyes remain finely dispersed throughout the dyeing process. This is particularly important when dyeing wound packages and at short liquor ratios. Americos Dispersol DX also has good leveling action on 1:2 metal complex dyes.

Application Method :
Heat the liquor to 30-40 °C and add 1-2 % Americos Dispersol DX (pre-dissolved). Then add acetic acid and the carrier. When the acid and auxiliary have been dispersed evenly, add the well-dispersed or dissolved dyes. Dye and finish as usual.

Storage & Handling Precautions:
  • In accordance with the current practices, the use of Americos Dispersol DX produces no ill effects. It also does not exert any harmful effects on health, provided they are used properly
  • Protect the eyes and avoid prolonged contact with the skin. Safety glasses should be worn when handling these products in their undiluted form
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