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Anti Redepositing Agent

Anti-Redepositing Agent

The basic problem in enzymatic washing of denim is back- staining of detached indigo dyes on fabric surface. Hence, it reduces the contrast effect/fading effect, which garment washer want to produce on denim. Americos White MRC prevents the reposition of indigo dyes on fabric surface. It coagulates with anionic indigo dye and keeps it in dispersion state during garment washing. 

The main features of Americos White MRC are: Properties
Appearance Slightly viscous liquid
Ionic nature Anionic
Odor Negligible
pH 7 + 1
Solubility Easily soluble in water
Resistance to high temperature Excellent
Compatibility With all kinds of enzymes and anionic/non-ionic textile auxiliaries

For enzyme washing of denim garment Use 2 - 5 g/l. Americos White MRC alongwith cellulase enzyme in washing process to prevent back-staining of indigo dyes.

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