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Anti Ozone Softeners

Anti-Ozone Softeners

Anti-Ozone Softeners

Americos Anti-Ozone

Americos Anti-Ozone is originally formulated to provide excellent ozone fastness. It is carefully blended to achieve special Anti-Ozone chemistry while containing efficient waxing property to prohibit damage on the colour and ozone fastness when treated material is exposed to the sun.

Americos Anti-Ozone to a certain extent can also act as an excellent and economically sewing/napping lubricant exhibiting high heat stability designed to dramatically improve the sewing and napping performance of goods made from cellulosic, wool and synthetic fibers. This product not only reduces equipment failure rates but also imparts a soft hand to the treated fabric

Features :


Appreancetranslucent, whitish liquid
Chemical descriptionhigh density polyethylene dispersion
Ionic characterslightly cationic
Specific gravity (g/cc)0.95 - 1.05 (25°C/77°F)
pH (as is)5.5 - 7.0
Dilatabilityunlimited with cold water


Acidsgood to pH 2.0
Basesgood to pH12.0
Hardnessgood to 40° g
Resin systemsgood, check before using

Storage stability:
freezes below 0°C/32°F, but is fully effective after thawing. Avoid prolonged storage over 50°C/ 120°F
Padding process:
10-60 g/l Americos Anti-Ozone
Pad on dry goods (100% pick-up) at room temperature
Dry conventionally

Exhaust process:
lR=5 - 30 to 1
1-6% Americos Anti-Ozone (based on weight of goods)"
For cellulosic fibers, pH: 6 - 7 with acetic acid or sodium bicarbonate.
For synthetics, pH: 7.5 - 9.0 with sodium bicarbonate or soda ash. Temperature 32° - 54°C/90°-130°F, 15 - 20 minutes, hydros extract and dry conventionally

Due to excellent compatibility, Americos Anti-Ozone can be used in all common finishing formulations

If stripping of the fabric is required, Americos Anti-Ozone can be removed as follows
1.0 - 2.0 g/l detergent
1.0 - 2.0 g/l soda ash Run 30 minutes at 70°-90°C/158°-194°F Rinse. Storage & Handling Precautions :
Technical Service :
Information covering specific application of this product is available. Americos Industries will work with customers to enhance processes and solve problems.

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